Cookie policy


UpWider attaches great importance to the protection of your personal data. On this page you will find all the details and legal requirements regarding our cookie policy.

What are cookies

Cookies are little pieces of data stored in the web browser of your computer by the website you visit. While visiting the website, it will have access to these to make some functionalities work.

If you want more information on cookies, there is a link to the Wikipedia page :

How we use cookies

We use cookies to improve your online experience on our website. For example, we use one specific cookie to ask you only once to agree to this cookie policy. We also use cookies for measuring engagement and analyze the traffic on our website in order to improve in the long run.

Cookies we use

On, we use different types of cookies that we have grouped in three categories:
  • Functional: these cookies are used to make sure our website works correctly on your device and to remember your personal preferences. These cookies are mandatories and can be placed without your consent;
  • Statistical: we use these cookies to collect data in order to improve our website and your user experience;
  • Marketing: these cookies are used for marketing purpose only, we do not do advertisement on this website but some components such as the embed YouTube videos you can find may require you to accept these cookies in order to work


Specifically, on our website you may encounter these cookies :

Cookie nameExpirationFunction
_gid1 dayStore and count pageviews
_ga2 dayStore and count pageviews
_ga_*1 yearStore and count pageviews
Google Fonts APIexpires immediatelyRead user IP address
rc::csessionRead and filter requests from bots
rc::bsessionRead and filter requests from bots
rc::apersistentRead and filter requests from bots
GPSsessionStores location data
YSCsessionStores and track interaction
PREF8 monthsStores user preferences


How users can disable cookies

In order to disable cookies or delete them, you can use the settings of your internet browser. You can easily manage your cookie preferences with the widget on the bottom right of the screen (hover it to display it). Note that if you delete all the functional cookies from your web browser, this might result in unexpected behavior of our website. 

Contact details

For questions, comments or any other issue regarding our cookie policy, feel free to contact us using the contact form on the contact page. Or use the contact information available in the Legal Notice.