Transportation & Automotive

With the growing environmental concerns and regulations linked to it, the Transportation & Automotive sector is currently facing important changes. To help shape the outlines of the evolving industry and adapt to it, companies must review and invest in their infrastructure, innovation, R&D, software development, data & cloud and much more… On the other side, […]

Telecommunications & Media

Ensuring that business operations are working at full potential while deciding where and how to participate in evolving markets or ecosystems is a big challenge for telecommunications and media companies. UpWider helps mobile and integrated operators, digital media companies and networking firms defend their markets, enter new ones, and sustain their profitability in both mature […]

Financial Services & Insurance

Financial Services & Insurances companies are facing new disruptions as clients and society search for more sustainable business practices and solutions. On the other hand, legal constraints, adaptation to new technological trends and evolving channel dynamics must not be forgotten. UpWider offers a wide range of both off-the-shelf and tailor-made services to help our clients […]

Energy, Utilities & Resources

Energy, Utilities and Resources are the backbone of our economy and of our way of life. Nowadays, these sectors are facing multiple challenges like providing safe and reliable energy, securing the resources sourcing or reach the reduction of the carbon footprint. Working towards these objectives, UpWider helps Energy, Utilities & Resources companies to develop their […]

Consumer Markets

The consumer products and retail world is one of the most competitive and difficult environment, including hardly predictable changes in fashion, consumer trends and habits. Other variables such as digital technology disruption and emerging market opportunities are adding even more complexity.  In this context, it is important for retailers to possess a winning position and […]